While for some, spirituality equates with religion, spiritual care includes any beliefs, practices, and relationships that help people find meaning, comfort, and hope. This may include meditation, family and friends, writings, music, nature, and art. When your loved one is living with an end-stage disease, the emotional and spiritual concerns are equally as important as comfort and symptom management. The focus becomes living with the illness while valuing and making good use of the remaining time. It is about living, loving and openly discussing feelings with trusted family members, friends and counselors. Many families who have experienced hospice care report that through spiritual services, they found a feeling of unity and strength in one of life’s toughest moments. Our goal is to provide your loved one with support to enjoy quality of life and dignity, in spite of illness.

Our Spiritual Care Team Can Help By:

  • Supporting reflection on meaning of life and life review
  • Helping to clarify core beliefs and values
  • Exploring hope and purpose
  • Discussing issues of forgiveness or doubt
  • Offering prayers, performing rituals or guiding meditations
  • Providing spiritual/sacred music
  • Contacting clergy of particular faiths
  • Talking about important relationships and sharing life stories
  • Finding inner peace and comfort