What Makes Madrona Hospice Different Than Other Hospices?

With our innovative personalized plan of care programs, we bring value-added benefits to our patients and families.

Complete Family Support: Most families don’t know that to do when a loved one is seriously ill. Madrona Hospice’s staff are specially trained and fully able to handle family questions. In fact, one of the most important services we provide is family education.

Medical Equipment: Madrona Hospice is a provider with a Medical Equipment Division. Our patient’s home medical equipment is coordinated by our own staff and delivery is same day or next.

Bereavement Support: Madrona Hospice provides bereavement care along with individual support. Our support services are free and Bereavement care is an essential component of hospice care that includes anticipating grief reactions and providing ongoing support for the bereaved over a period of 13 months

What Are the General Criteria for Referrals?
To receive services from Madrona Hospice, including inpatient care at Hospice House, the patient must meet all the following conditions:

  • Terminal prognosis of 6 months or less, if the disease follows a normal and expected course

If I’m Unable to Follow My Patient, Who Will?
Madrona Hospice will assign one of our attending Physicians.

What Does the Hospice Admission Process Involve?
One of the first things Madrona Hospice will do is contact the patient’s physician to secure medical records to determine if hospice care is appropriate for this patient. Then one of our liaisons will meet with the patient and family to explain how hospice care works.

What Happens If Patients Change Their Mind Regarding Hospice Care?
Contrary to the common myth, hospice patients can continue to receive certain therapies under the direction of the hospice Medical Director.

The patient will be asked to sign consent and admission forms. These are similar to the forms patients sign when they enter a hospital. The “hospice election form” says that the patient understands that the care is palliative (that is, aimed at pain relief and symptom control rather than curative). It also outlines the services available. The form Medicare patients sign also tells how electing the Medicare hospice benefit affects other Medicare coverage. Please note that Madrona Hospice is committed to caring for anyone who needs us.